Queensland Driving Test Tips You Need to Know

One of the major transitions a person makes in life is learning how to drive. Though it can be an exhilarating experience, there are a lot of things to learn and remember, especially if you live in Queensland. We have some of the essential tips you must know to help you get the most out of a driving test and become a safe driver.


Get to Know the Things Accessed

If you know the things that are accessed during a driving test, you will adequately prepare by avoiding unnecessary and time wasting lessons. They include;

  • Correct steering around bends and corners.
  • How you change gears. This applies to vehicle operated through a manual transition. The supervisor will determine whether you change gears smoothly. He or she will also test how you use the clutch to slow down and start the vehicle.
  • How you observe the surrounding using the front and rear cameras. You have to correctly check the blind spots and use rear vision mirror appropriately. Ensure you adjust the mirrors appropriately to enable you to achieve the perfect view.
  • How you distance yourself from another vehicle on the road. You should create at least a two-meter gap between your vehicle and the front one.
  • The manner in which you perform a U-turn and other sharp bends.
  • How you handle intersections.
  • Reversing. Make sure you reverse safely in a straight lane. If you are in a parking lot, you need to make the correct maneuver without leaving much space between the kerb and the front wheel. Ensure you give a parked car a one-metre free way.
  • Hill start. You have to start safely on a hill and prevent rolling by correctly timing the handbrake.
  • Overtaking. You need to make sure you can overtake perfectly and according to the set road rules in QLD. You have to be patient and wait for the road to clear up before you do so.
  • Tackling potential hazards on the road. When you encounter potential hazards such as an obstacle, you have to slow down and indicate when moving around the obstacle on the road.
  • Speeding. Don’t speed during Queensland driving test. Don’t go beyond 5kmh and don’t glue your eyes on the speedometer lest you miss crucial road signs, especially the 40 km road mark.


Finding a Supervisor

According to the rules that guide driving in Queensland, every learner must have a qualified supervisor who knows everything that pertains to driving especially QLD road rules. The supervisor should have a license for at least one year for a particular class of vehicle you will be driving.


You Need to Practice Beforehand

This is one of your keys to driving in Queensland. Before you go for a test, ensure you practice all the areas that will be tested. You can have your supervisor with you to help you with the practice and ensure you comply with everything that is required. Ensure you drive in different conditions to sharpen your skills.


Passing the Test the First Time

Driving test is not that complicated and difficult as some people think. It only needs a clear mind, attention to detail and the willpower to go for it. You don’t have to be much cautious and drive different during the test. Just keep calm and you will pass it amazingly. In case you are having trouble with driving, or you are apprehensive of the test, you can ask a professional instructor or a reputable driving school for help. They will help you build the confidence you need to pass the test the first time. You can also apply for Queensland online driving test if you can’t make it to the driving center.


Why You Can Fail a Driving Test

The most common reason why people fail driving test is ignoring instructions. They include misunderstood road rules such as ignoring signs and failing to come to a full stop at a sign. Going over the speed limit leads to automatic fail. In case the accessor intervenes during the test, you will also have to try the second time.

The QLD driving test tips discussed above will help you excel during a driving test. The will also help you exercise safety while driving. Good luck.

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